Donna's Dozen

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Let this book inspire the child in you. Everyone has stories of their childhood that soon become warm memories for the future.

A mother of twelve tells real life stories from her heart that will make you laugh, cry and embrace life in a positive way. "Life is a journey and it is how we walk through it that matters the most. I admit that Jean-Marie and I have learned important life tools from each of our twelve children. Little did I know thirty five years ago that this book was starting to be written. I love to write down the little things that happen in our daily lives, so as each of our children was born, I jotted down cute stories that I didn't want to forget. Now, many years and twelve children later, this book has been written. What precious memories! I'm already imagining the next- with our large family continuing to grow, think of all the stories yet to come.

Always remember that children are a blessing and it is often through them that our greatest memories are found." Donna Simard

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